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Once upon a time  there was a mighty kingdom, a magic kingdom, a land where fantastic deeds and amazing feats brought heroes and adventures together... A land where, among the many tribes and clans, one small family of monkeys strove for perfection.
Working tirelessly, never resting, always pushing farther, harder, better, until finally, after many years of hard sweat and grueling punishment, there arose a family of the such greatness, that they were the mightiest heroes the land had ever seen!

This is not that family.

No, we are that other family that were too busy having fun, causing trouble and generally getting far too distracted with all the shiny stuff to actually bother with the whole tedious "hero" business. Strangely though we have managed to amass both skills and numbers to venture forth into most of the scariest places in Telara... and proceed to cause as much mayhem, chaos and general mischief as possible for anything unlucky enough to happen upon us along the way.

So if you feel like joining us while we pull at Lord Greenbelly's tail, or while we steal some shinies from the Dorf Fort Hammersmell, or simply want to tag along while we go ROFLing through Telara, chucking bananas at bosses; simply
press this shiny button right here, and join our merry little band of misfits.
Guild News

Planebreaker Bastion on Friday’s Livestream

sheolanthalas, Sep 18, 13 5:10 AM.

On Friday, September 20th at 1:30 PM PDT we’ll be streaming a preview of our upcoming 20-man raid: Planebreaker Bastion. Dungeon devs Cyzo and Halvon will also be attending to answer your questions and give you some insight into how they designed the raid. Want to learn more about the raid before the stream? Check out our latest article about the lore, The Planar War.


We’ll also be streaming Defiance starting at 2:30 PM PDT. We’ll be joined by Creative Lead, Trick Demspey, and OverloadUT will try his hand at the arenas in game.

See you this Friday at!  

To INIFINITY and beyond!

sheolanthalas, Sep 13, 13 6:15 AM.


The Dendrome’s secrets have been revealed: Inyr’Kta, Hive Queen of the Architects, prepares to unleash titan-forged colossi against the planes! Stopping her requires control of the Infinity Gate, the fateful god engine that first drew the Blood Storm to Telara. Aid Uriel and Kira in their race to open the portal, then leave Telara for the Plane of Earth … and a dire reckoning with the forces that lie beyond.

RIFT 2.4 heralds the first chapter in a new war between the elemental planes. Conflict erupts in two new raids plus a new dungeon and Chronicle, all while the Ascended rise to new heights of power with Rank 90 PvP armor, weapons, and more. Prepare for battle with world-breaking constructs – a Planar War awaits!

Key Features



Inyr’Kta has fled to Planebreaker Bastion, a war foundry at the heart of the Architect Empire within the Plane of Earth. There, protected by powerful thralls, she directs the construction of a doomsday automaton. Destroy Inyr’Kta and her towering construct before she can conquer the elemental planes … and our own.

Planebreaker Bastion will be unlocked shortly after RIFT 2.4 goes live!



As the Ascended rush to control the Infinity Gate, its ancient magic stirs to life and summons furious enemies from the planes beyond. Defeat Breaker X1, Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus, and a Karthan juggernaut to secure the gate and pave the way to Planebreaker Bastion.



A stroke of cosmic unluck has given rise to a nightmarish Realm of the Fae, a dream world where Atrophinius’ deepest fears take on physical form and threaten Telara itself. Chimeric versions of familiar foes now await the Ascended, grinding axes (and teeth and claws) for the twisted battles to come. Read more here!



Adventure through an alternate Telara where a victorious Laethys reigns from the depths of her volcanic lair. Sabotage the dragon’s plans for invasion by laying low Maklamos the Scryer, Rusila Dreadblade, and Laethys herself!



Ascend to new heights of power with PvP Rank 90 armor and weapons.



Unite with Ascended from all realms for adventure on-demand!



The Barbershop gets a makeover: Choose from new colors and hairstyles for your character.

Infernal Dawn: Laethys First Look and Guide

sheolanthalas, Sep 9, 13 8:06 AM.

Laethys chronicle header

Earlier in the week we saw the appearance of a new chronicle on the public test shard known as “Infernal Dawn: Laethys”. This chronicle takes place in an alternate reality where Laethys, more commonly known as the dragon of earth, was never defeated (same reality Voodoo are in perhaps?). Unopposed, she has now grown in power and seeks the means to tear down the sliver barrier and cross over into our reality to invade an unsuspecting Telara. This chronicle is marked as a duo chronicle and is intended for two players, however at the moment it is possible for a single player to solo it.

The chronicle starts at the entrance to the earth wing in the Infernal Dawn raid with a somewhat unfamiliar NPC known as Rawlte talking to his alternate self through the sliver barrier. If you talk to him you can find out a bit of Rawlte’s backstory. He was sent by the empyreal alliance to investigate sliver universes, but upon opening this sliver he was confronted with his alternate self seeking aid from our world. He then sent word to General Batau for reinforcements and now you are here to save the day as usual!

Both of these Rawltes offer a daily quest that can be completed along with your usual ventures in the chronicle and reward a decent amount of experience and platinum along with a 100 reputation token that can be used for one of six factions (Achyati, Hailol, Empyreal Alliance, Eternal City Survivors, Necropolis Caretakers and the Qaijiri). One of the quests is to kill 10 Dreaded Longshots and the other is to activate 7 Monitrons which are located all over the chronicle. Both are very straightforward, quick and easy to do, so I’d highly recommend doing them along with the chronicle when this hits live.

For more from this article, see the original over at Rift Junies

Patron Subscription Sale now on.

sheolanthalas, Sep 6, 13 5:23 AM.

Patron subscriptions are on sale now at the Trion Worlds Account Center.  You can get an entire year of game perks, items, boosts – plus extra currency and a RIFT Store discount – all for $99. Don’t miss this chance to get the most out of your time in Telara!


Subscribe today!

RIFT® Free-to-Play: REX & Gifting

sheolanthalas, May 30, 13 8:46 AM.

New REX and Gifting features debut June 12 with RIFT Free-to-Play and Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault. This week Bill dives deeper into the new currency that will allow players to trade, sell, or auction Credits usable at the RIFT Store, plus the ability to send loot from the RIFT Store to your friends and allies.

Read the REX and Gifting blog post to learn more about what’s on the horizon.

And catch all the latest Free-to-Play news:
Visit the RIFT Free-to-Play webpage and FAQ.
Join the conversation on the forums, Facebook, and Twitter.
Check out the soon-to-be live Free-to-Play features on our PTS server.
Join us on Twitch for live steams on Free-to-Play and Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault:

  • REX, Loyalty, & Gifting – 1:30pm PDT Friday, May 31
  • Dendrome Preview – 1:30pm PDT Friday, June 7
  • Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault – 1:30pm PDT Friday, June 14

Simon Ffinch Talks Dimension and Puzzle Changes

sheolanthalas, Mar 26, 13 7:49 AM.

‘s Design Director Simon Ffinch recently took part in an interview with the team over at ZAM. During the interview, he talked about the next year of RIFT and what the folks at Trion might have in store for us. While he didn’t disclose too many hints, he did hit on a few interesting tidbits including what we might see developed next for dimension lovers, thoughts on Storm Legion‘s more difficult puzzle system (and hope for those who had hoped for a puzzle system closer to classic RIFT‘s), and last but not least– some interesting hints regarding the opening of the Infinity Gate.

Keep reading to take a look at what he had to say.

Regarding Trion’s plans for future dimension additions:

“So yes, we’ve got some pretty amazing ideas lined up and we’re just now trying to figure out how best to roll those out. But more than just ‘Hey, look at my dimension, isn’t it awesome?’ it’s ‘Hey, come to my dimension, and do this!’ “

This sounds like Trion has plans to make dimensions a little more interactive and a little less of a pure showcase home-away-from-home. An excellent idea!

Regarding some of the somewhat-negative feedback received on the new Storm Legion puzzle system:

“But I have listened to and I do know that there are some of the slightly casual players that enjoyed the way the puzzles were in classic RIFT – a little bit easier to come across and do – and so I am going to be addressing that in an upcoming patch. I’m not just going to be giving it away so that the people that have persevered and done it the hard way, I’m not just suddenly going to let them do it whenever they like, but I am going to give a secondary path for people to figure out how to do the prerequisites that allow you to even attempt the puzzle.”

And finally, ZAM asked about the opening of the Infinity Gate event, and about what surprises may be in store for us:

“It’s actually a little more complicated than a lot of players are probably thinking. I’m looking forward to seeing the speculation after this gets out there. One of the things that I love, love most is the conversations and the amazing attention to detail in theories and stuff, some of them so unbelievably wrong, and others so incredibly spot-on. It’s really amazing to see it as well, and very entertaining and wonderful. I think we have a great community and I love our players; an amazing bunch.”

For a while now, most of us have speculated about the Infinity Gate serving as a technological device that will allow the Ascended to travel beyond Telara and take the fight to each of the elemental planes. Is this what Simon Ffinch is referring to here? It’s hard to say, but either way, it’s certainly an interesting comment.

Check out the full interview over at ZAM. And yes, it really is three pages long!

Original article at:

So, what did we wait 3 hours for last night ?

sheolanthalas, Mar 8, 13 6:53 AM.
One of the many fixes were several issues with "Visiting of other shards" feature, which arrived with the new T3 PA.

Visiting other shards should now be easier!

Check them out in the General section of the patch notes.

To check out the entire patch notes click on the link or check it bellow.

The Lore of Telara

sheolanthalas, Mar 8, 13 6:26 AM.
Check out the Special Livestream about the Lore of Telara with +Nicholas McDowell and James Nichols aka Elrar.

The Livestream wen't live on 3/7 @ 10:00AM Pacific (6PM GMT) but you can check it out from the archive:

Maniacal laughter included!

TODQ 10man Raid Follow-Up

sheolanthalas, Mar 7, 13 5:24 PM.
Ding Dong, the witch is dead

Well done folks, we came back after the server reset to to take out the dungeon within about 2 hours.
you guys rock!

Thanks for the suggestions and patience as we played with tactics and roles to find the best methods for progress, especially at the second last boss.

Great healing by Yellow and crew, and special kudos to our top dps'ers for their key role in our modified strategies. And ofcourse a big thanks to Sekora for leading this run and keeping everyone focused.

Well played and grats to all  those that got lootz.

The kittens are pleased.

Regulos is back!

sheolanthalas, Dec 11, 12 9:23 AM.
The trailer for Storm Legion's first content update Endless Eclipse has been finally released on Rift's Youtube page.

Enjoy, the gorgeous, creepy, but awesome video.

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